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Monetize Your Pinterest: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Your Pins

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Do you know how some people say the start of a new year is a time for changes? Well, it's true!

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that allows users to post, save, and share images. It’s a great way to find new ideas and get inspired.

It is one of the best social media platforms for business owners or entrepreneurs who want to monetize their content. There are many ways you can make money on Pinterest by using the platform's features and advertising options.

Many people think that it is impossible to make money on Pinterest if they do not have any followers or people who follow them back. However, with the right strategy, you can grow your following and increase your chances of making money on this platform.

How You Can Monetize Your Pinterest Account Easily With Tools That Work

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. It is also a great place to make money. The site has a huge audience and it is possible to create a following by sharing content that interests them. There are many tools that can help you make money on Pinterest, from creating your own boards to managing ads and researching your competitors.

There are many ways to monetize your Pinterest account, such as through affiliate marketing or selling products in your shop.

For example, you can make money on Pinterest by uploading your own photography to the site and then promoting other companies that have similar products. You can also make money by selling items on your shop through sign-up promotions or coupon offers. Many people are making extra money from their accounts by selling ad space, which means they are paid to help promote certain brands and products in their content.

Here are some tips on how you can monetize your account easily with tools that work:

There are many ways to monetize your account on Pinterest, but some of them are easier than others.

- Use a Pinning App

There are many apps that help you schedule and manage your pins so that they get seen by the right people at the right time. You can even use them to promote products and services from your website or blog post on Pinterest without having to leave the app!

- Promote Your Products

You can promote products from your site or blog post on Pinterest by using a link shortener like bitly or, or by including an affiliate link in your pin’s description box.

- Create Content That People Actually Want To Share

If you create a pin that your followers genuinely want to share, they’ll start doing just that! They might also use your content in their own pin descriptions (which could lead to more traffic back to your site or blog post). The key is understanding the principles of Pinterest. See my post on How to Drive Traffic to Your Coaching Website With Pinterest for more help.

- Use Visual Cues

Users are drawn to content with images, so make sure your pins have a clear visual focus that is related to your brand. This can be as simple as an image of one of your products, or it could be more complex, incorporating words, colors, and other design elements.

- Link To Your Site Or Blog Post

When sharing a post from your blog or website, do not forget to include a link so that people can access the full article on it!

Let's dive into how to get more money in your bank account using this visual search engine:

1. Direct product sales

Link to your physical and digital products with your standard pins, optimize, and let them simmer away.

Link to blog posts and landing pages that contain your affiliate links. This is a great long-term strategy - create content that shares your favorite products and monetize it with affiliate links.

2. Upload Idea Pins and link to affiliate products directly

This is a great option if you love creating unique video content.

3. Provide a link to a free offer (lead magnet, freebie, free content) and place a tripwire after people sign up

This is a great way to neutralize some marketing investments and allows people the chance to buy a tiny product from you after opting into your free content.

4. Sponsored content

Depending on your business model and content creation, you might want to consider brand partnerships. When a brand sponsors you, they will compensate you for creating content that features their product or brand.

In your negotiations, you can pitch the idea of creating engaging content for Pinterest that is also attractive. I recommend a paid partnership tool to declare the relationship.

What I love most about these ideas for monetization is that they do not have a shelf life.

Create it, post it, and let the search engine magic take care of it for you. You'll get a kick when you see an affiliate payment come in while you're drinking your morning coffee.

It's just the perfect way to start the day.

Do you already do any of these tips? I hope so!

Not on Pinterest yet?

This free download contains a checklist of ways to optimize your Pinterest account from the start, including creating an amazing profile, picking out great boards, making strategic pin choices, and more!

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