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Let's level up together!

I understand hiring someone to represent your brand can be intimidating.

Rest assured, I'm here to support you.

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What's the first step? Take the first step by filling out the form above! I've worked hard to create a seamless experience just for you. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out. You'll get the support you need, and we can communicate via call, email, or your preferred method. The next move is yours—let's take it together!

What is the timeline? Here's the timeline breakdown: For one-time projects such as website copywriting or launch copy, our collaboration typically spans 4-6 weeks. However, reaching out sooner is advisable since my schedule tends to fill up quickly. For ongoing services like Blogging for SEO and Pinterest Management, the setup usually takes approximately two weeks. Your official start date will then be on the 1st of the upcoming calendar month!

What can you expect when we work together? If you've ever delayed an email response because you needed to express yourself fully, you'll find our chat system beneficial. I recognize the significance of clear communication and providing guidance on what to expect next. To maintain organization, I utilize Trello. This tool ensures you're always informed when your input is needed and serves as a centralized hub for all essential resources.

Do you offer ala carte services? Absolutely! I understand that real businesses (and individuals) are unique and don't always fit into predefined marketing packages. Feel free to reach out and share your thoughts with me. If words are part of the equation, I'm most likely the right fit for your needs.

Is a monthly commitment necessary? No, there's no mandatory monthly commitment for services like blogging and Pinterest. However, for optimal results and ROI, I recommend a commitment of 4-12 months as these services benefit from long-term consistency.

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